Top 20 Jeans brands for men in India 2021

A pair of jeans is pants cut in a cloth denim and reinforced by rivets . Originally designed to be work pants , the jeans were first marketed by Levi Strauss . The jeans will be taken over by many brands throughout the 20 th century. If in the early 2000s, Italian brands such as Diesel and their faded jeans were in the spotlight, the market has gradually refocused on more authentic, richer brands with historic know-how.. From now on, those who are favored by amateurs know the history of jeans inside out and manage to offer a gentle blend of tradition and modernity . The best jeans brands for men, today jeans offer raw  models in selvedge denim . For those who are still wondering, discover our advice for choosing jeans. Here is the best collection of top 10 jeans brands for men.

Levi’s jeans.

Those who are directly or indirectly interested in denim fashion know the clothing brand Levi’s straight from the USA and number one in jeans in the world. The brand embodies the classic and relaxed American style. 

Since its creation by Levi Strauss & Co in 1873, these jeans have become one of the most recognizable garments in the world, reflecting the imagination and loyalty of all who have worn them for generations. The brand has an impressive number of different jeans cuts. 

jeans brands for men
jeans brands for men

Each cut has its own reference and is offered in ever more innovative materials and colors. The brand has diversified over time, today it also produces quality leather belts and many other accessories. Trendy truckers, denim jackets available in several denim colors as well as authentic T-shirts to wear with the jeans pants of your choice. This is all about the jeans brands for men.

The beginning of the 2010s seemed to confirm this… before the legendary Levi’s returned to favor. Between 2011 and 2019, the average buyer’s age of 501 dropped from 47 to 34! Available in several versions, sometimes even dressing in the stretch to adapt to customer requirements, Levi’s has been able to reinvent itself to regain its status as “king of denim”.

Lee Copper.

One of the “precursor” brands in the field of denim, Lee Cooper is internationally recognized for the quality of its jeans brands for men. A hundred-year-old brand having dressed the Rolling Stones,

Lee Cooper designs his clothes while keeping his typically British and rock spirit, which can be found in his printed t-shirts, his jeans, and denim jackets. Lee is an essential brand in the world of denim. The adventure began in 1911 with the creation of denim overalls, now legendary.

jeans brands for men
jeans brands for men

With its creations, Lee now offers a collection of best jeans brands for men with different cuts ranging from the classic straight cut to the modern slim cut and in different colors. Lee jeans are worn in all circumstances, with a shirt for a casual chic look or with a T-shirt, polo shirt, or sweater for a casual look. Quality, raw and authentic style make Lee jeans the iconic pieces essential to your wardrobe.

Jack & Jones.

The JACK & JONES story begins in 1990 when BESTSELLER sent a bright-minded youngster to the Oslo fashion fair with a modest, but carefully chosen collection aimed at young men. His reception exceeded all expectations and the creation of a new brand of men’s clothing becomes a reality.

Over the next few years JACK & JONES established itself as one of the biggest jeans brands for men on the market and in just a few years the brand opened several hundred stores.
Today, JACK & JONES is one of the European and Asia leaders in men’s fashion with over a thousand stores in 38 countries and JACK & JONES clothing is sold by thousands of partners around the world.

jeans brands for men
jeans brands for men

Jeans are still considered the mainstay and strongest point of JACK & JONES. The level of competence is always at the top when it comes to craftsmanship, quality, and design of jeans, but today JACK & JONES is defined and represented by five unique brands:

JACK & JONES VINTAGE CLOTHING, PREMIUM by JACK & JONES, ORIGINALS by JACK & JONES, CORE by JACK & JONES and JACK & JONES TECH. These brands are designed by independent design teams, each with their own ideas, concepts, and designs. Each of them offers a full range of clothing, accessories, and shoes for all men and all occasions.


It was in 1947 that the Blue Bell company, having bought Wrangler a few years earlier, made this brand a leading player in the field of jeans brands for men. With the cowboy cut of his jeans , Wrangler will experience great success which popularizes the brand with the public.

Discover these new collections as well as the trends and movements that inspired them or browse our new products for men and women.

His image strongly linked to the world of rodeo will also allow Wrangler to stand out. Indeed, rodeo stars will wear his pants. Building on this success, Wrangler now offers a very varied range of clothing for men, but also for women. 

jeans brands for men
jeans brands for men

The Wrangler jeans are, of course, its reputation for the quality of its denim and cuts always considered to be trendy. This is one of the best jeans brands for men.

Following the trend of fashion, the brand also offers Wrangler jackets and coats , skirts , T-shirts , sweaters , shirts and accessories such as belts , hats and scarves .

Wrangler, therefore, makes it possible to afford a complete quality wardrobe throughout the year. If you want to read more about the clothing brands in click here.

Mufti jeans.

Another one brands are very famous in India Mufti. Mufti  was founded by Kamal Khushlani in 1998 by a Indian Industrial who want to grow the mens apperal industries.

jeans brands for men
jeans brands for men

In the initial time, Kamal Khushlani knew that today the Mufti become one of the top clothing brands in India. Mufti clothes have come from a wide range of shirt T-Shirt Jeans and more, its clothing quality is amazing and very comfortable in wearing.

Calvin Klein

It is the American brand of clothing and accessories that we no longer present. Founded in 1968 by American designer Calvin Klein and his partner Barry K. Schwartz, the brand has become a benchmark in the fashion world, with its style combining simplicity and elegance, luxury and modernity.

The collection is aimed at all men looking for quality sportswear basics such as plain sweatshirts, t-shirts with logos, or even simple and elegant down jackets. The brand offers total urban looks, which perfectly match the lifestyle of men who love elegance and have an active and mobile lifestyle.  

jeans brands for men
jeans brands for men

These jeans brands for men are easy to wear because they can match with any outfit: once in your wardrobe, you will not be able to do without your Calvin Klein jeans for men. 

Slip-on men’s ripped jeans over your Calvin Klein boxer shorts and complete the ensemble with a pair of men’s trainers, or opt for simple black jeans and a men’s jacket classic for a more elegant look. 

Choose from the different models and colors: from white slim jeans for men to indigo blue skinny jeans to show off your curves. Also, discover our gray jeans and black jeans for men. Read our denim care guide to take care of your denim items.

Tommy Hilfiger.

Tommy Hilfiger has been designing men’s jeans for thirty years now. Looks like you’ve come to the right place to find the best jeans brands for men of your dreams. Tommy Hilfiger and Tommy Jeans offer a range of classic jeans, different fits, and models, as well as several washes. The right jeans at the right time.

jeans brands for men
jeans brands for men

With men’s white jeans, you are trendy and radiant. To stay more discreet and classic, opt for men’s black jeans. If you want to be sure to hit the nail on the head for any occasion, choose one of our coveted skinny jeans . 

With tapered jeans, you reveal your urban side. To be on the cutting edge of fashion this season, wear cuffed jeans with one of our logo tees and a pair of leather sneakers or suede boots. Regardless of your choice of fit, color, and wash, you’ll always feel ready for the day in Tommy Hilfiger men’s jeans.

Diesel jeans

Diesel jeans brands for men have been at the forefront of denim since Renzo Russo founded the company in 1978. Find your perfect jeans in the season’s most wanted cuts and a myriad of washes and rock and roll finishes,

from tapered Krooley and slim-cut Thavar to straight-leg Larkee and bootcut New Fanker styles. What clothing other than jeans can meet all desires and all fashions? A staple in the wardrobe of these ladies and gentlemen alike, jeans are now available in all stylish jeans for men. 

jeans brands for men
jeans brands for men

It is possible to find pants that are perfectly suited to your needs, to your own style while following the most current fashion trends. For men, the Diesel brand innovates year after year by anticipating the fashions of tomorrow. 

Not only, the Italian brand, created in 1978, knew how to impose its own style, but it represents today an innovative spirit and recognizable among all. The jeans for men Diesel are like the desires of people today: many and varied. it’s all about the jeans brands for men.

Guess jeans

Guess Jeans is the go-to brand these days. Almost 30 years after its creation, Guess is faithful to its origins and sticks to the times. Original collections with elaborate cuts, with a permanent concern for aesthetics and quality . 

Whether you are addicted to the brand or an occasional buyer, you are never indifferent to the details and the image of Guess products. As a true jean addict, you swear by the denim fabric.

jeans brands for men

 You will have to rush to the men’s jeans collection from Guess. Created by three brothers in the south of France, the goal of the Guess label is as follows: to import American denim into Europe by giving it a French touch, thanks to a design that is out of the ordinary. 

The bet was raised for the Marciano brothers, who in just a few years have succeeded in making Guess a benchmark in the highly competitive world of denim. Pretty cut, quality canvas, and ultra-fashionable line: here are so many reasons to wear jeans for men from the Guess brand.

Top 10 jeans brands for men

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