Best and Top clothing brands in India (2020).

Brands are also known for the impression of the person and identifying symbol of product it presents the valuable face of the company and company is also present of their good product, customer satisfaction, Good service and valuable price. But in the past few century peoples are know about it that how brands are the valuable thing for the appearance. but now a day brands become a presenter of the clothes and luxury. here the list of some Top Clothing brands in India.

Characteristics things about the clothing brand in India.

Brands are perfectly identified by its logo. In brand clothes, one thing is similar every company want to give the customer satisfaction of their clothes quality. you can also know the guys brand things are so comfortable than the local its colours are never go and shine remains. According to your body, every size is available in the brand which is not found in other locales. This is the main charastacis of the top Clothing brands in India.

Van Heusen

Van Heusen is Top clothing brands in India normally Van Heusen is popular fore formal attire corporates peoples are very liked it because it is available on the wide range of formal clothes for men and women. As for as its quality is concerned no brands are cut it quality after wearing Van Heusen you feel like you are wearing nothing on the body and it is soft like the butter.

By the way, Van Heusen is an American company but in India van, Heusen is run under the supervision of Aditya Birla Group. It is one of the most profitable companies in India in fashion Van Heusen is the fastest growing brand in India and it is the first choice of youth fashion. it is a highly demanded clothing brand in India, now it becomes India’s largest premium international brand retailer.


Another is one of the top clothing brands in India is Armani. Who know the Armani clothing brands it is very famous from fashion industries and its founder Emporio Armani. He is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Armani is an old fashion brand company it is established in 1975 Giorgio Armani now a day Armani going to be the most influential and celebrated fashion designer from Italy.

For his clothing quality and customer satisfaction from these clothing brands. In India Armani is also a Top clothing brand in India, Genesis Luxury Fashion Pvt is exclusive partner of the Armani Group on Indian territory for the brands. Armani made different types of clothes like men women and kids. Armani comes with high range of clothes but it looks very fashionable and attractive, very comfortable to wear and even looks. you should also try once in Life.

Peter England.

Peter England is also top clothing brands in India and most of the guys are want to wear its types of occasion. Peter England was founded in 1889 for giving the best British solder Khaki trouser during the Boer War.

A century later, Peter England decided that he would now brand each type of cloth related to fashion and manufacture it in his company and he started to make it in their company. After a long period, he becomes of the most branded clothing company.

Peter England has come from India market1997 The brand was acquired by Aditya Birla Group in 2000 and quickly went on to become India’s Leading Menswear Brand. Peter England offers much apparel that caters to every fashion occasion of a young professional’s life. Indian youth like to wear it and peter England is one of the most trusted international brands.

Allen Solly.

Allen Solly is one of the top clothing brands in India. Allen Solly was founded in  1744 by William Hollin and Co Lt. Allen Solly is also know as for unique brands and unique clothing quality for men and women and kids as well.

First brought to India by the Aditya Birla Group in 2001, In 2002, Allen Solly became the first Indian brand to introduce work fashion for women. Most of the peoples are like these brands for formal attire,Allen Solly made clothes for boys and girls along with kids as well. you guys definitely you about these brands.


Lee brand is known for jeans in all over the world. these company jeans come from many ranges and their quality is amazing. Lee was founded in1889 by Henry David Lee and several business associates in Salina, Kansas.

As you can see lee company is very old and it’s running still now in all of the world markets. As for as its quality is concerned lee jeans are considered one of the top brands for clothing.


Wrangler is one of the top clothing brands in India, It is brands which use our daily performance. We believe that types of denim are used in daily lifestyle and Denim should be comfortable in our daily use and feel comfortable and soft to wear.

This whole thing is found inside this wrangler denim, hence it is considered as the top brands in India for clothing. Wrangler was founded in 1947.

Monti Carlo.

Monti Carlo is one of the top clothing brands in India which become top international clothing brands. Monti Carlo was launched in n 1984 by Oswal Woolen Mills Ltd, the flagship company of Nahar group. Monti Carlo was launched on those time when stepping in the evolution of branded garment industry in India.

When it has come in Market peoples are love these brands and every brand’s lovers are want to buy it and it becomes one of the best clothing brands In India. Monti Carlo clothes are not only coming from the hight rate its available in all the ranges then it runs in the market still now.

Flying Machine.

Flying machine is very popular brands of India, which is known for its comfortable and soft clothes. flying machine is India’s first homegrown clothing brands. It is the first India youth to choose casual brands and its casual is comes from the many ranges as for as its company is concerned it was founded in 1980 by Alok Dubey.

Top clothing brands in India

In the initial time Flying machine sell our product on the low range but after a long time flying machine become a most liked brands in India and it becomes a popular brand. It improves our product quality and sells our product in a high range or a comfortable price.

Flying Machine collaborated with the youngest and the most stylish star of Bollywood – Late Sushant Singh Rajput. this all about the top clothing brands in India.


Another comes on top of our brand’s list is Mufti, Who knows the mufti brands everyone knows the Mufti. It is one of the top clothing brands in India along with its most liked product but the young generation guys.

Mufti was founded in 1998 by Kamal Khushlani it is another top Indian brands in clothing, In the initial time Kamal Khushlani was wanted to produce the only shirt but after a long period, Mufti produces all types of Men’s apparel. now a day it becomes top International brands in clothing.

Tommy Hilfiger.

Tommy Hilfiger is an American premium clothing brand that was founded in 1985. at the present Tommy, Hilfiger products are sold internationally in over 2000 retail stores in over 100 countries. That tells you ways popular this brand is. It is one of the top clothing brands in India.

Tommy Hilfiger has different product lines that are designated for specific sort of products.

Tommy Hilfiger, the most label, offers a spread of America-inspired apparel. you’ll find everything under this label from shirts & t-shirts to jackets & hoodies to jeans & chinos and much more products are produced by Tommy Hilfiger.


This youthful apparel brand of India is understood for keeping pace with the newest fashion trends and for bringing the international touch to Indian wears. 

Actually, all of its offerings are designed with a number of the simplest fits and styles that suit the Indian somatotype and sensibility. It is one of the top clothing brands in India.

Louis Philippe.

Louis Philippe is an international brand it owned by Aditya Birla groups in India. it is not famous only Indian market it is also famous in the international market by the way Louis Philippe was launched in 1989 by Madura Fashion & Lifestyle.

Louis Philippe produces a high range of product and luxury clothing it is very luxury brands as well as it is the comfortable brands. This is all about the top brands in India in clothing.

Park Avenue.

Park Avenue is clothing brands of Raymonds and it is the trusted brands in India. Park Avenue made a huge collection of luxury clothing and it is one of the top clothing brands in India. Park Avenue produce a high range of formal and casual attire for men and women.

Pepe Jeans.

Pepe Jeans is an international clothing brand which was launched in 1973 in London and entered the Indian market in 1989. Is deals on t-shirts, jeans, coats.

They have a powerful catalogue of jackets, coats, denim jackets, knits, t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, trousers and even underwears. In jeans, they offer skinny fit jeans, slim fit and regular jeans and many others.

Pepe Jeans also offers footwear and accessories like suitcases, belts, hats, caps and backpacks. Pepe Jeans should be the go-to brand for each denim lover. and brand lover is also like Pepe jeans. this is all about top clothing brands in India.

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